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UiiSii flagship headset - BA-T9

3 Way balanced armature headset gives you magnificent sound experience

A good headset should have good appearance and high sound quality, and is easy to wear. UiiSii's flagship headset BA-T9 is a comfortable and excellent headset that is beautiful inside and out. 

Vibrant and brilliant 

The BA-T9's outward appearance is inspired by the aircraft's turbines and is both brilliant and vibrant.Through the transparent PC shiny surface, tough metal film is clearly visible, and complements the metal CD pattern on the side, shining the music. 

Details resolution like a common thread 

The moving coil and two balanced armature are mixed to form a 3 way headset. The moving coil is responsible for bass, while balanced armature is responsible for driving at high or above frequency. 

They both work in coordination, rendering deep and rich bass, tough middle range and abundant high frequency. With strong resolving power, KNOWLES ’compound dual balanced armature unit (TWFK) renders rich and delicate sound, allowing users to enjoy the full and rich sound experience. In order to better play the sound quality of the headset, upon exploration and study for a long time, we add passive crossover to the back cavity, improving and stabilizing the overall sound quality of the headset. 

Angled in-ear design, born for comfort 

Angled in- ear design comfortably fits the ear canal while minimizing external sound interference, so that you can be more fully immersed in the music world. 

MMCX Detachable Upgraded Silver-plated cable provides wonderful sound experience 

With silver-plated single-crystal copper cable which is durable and not reelable and has lower resistance than that of ordinary wire rods, the headset provides users with a good user experience. 

MMCX detachable design,easy to upgrade more cables,solve the headset damage caused by bad cable contact. The enthusiasts can replace or upgrade the cable more freely, which greatly facilitates the daily use of the headset.